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The oldest preserved documents mentioning the city of Luckau date from the year 1275. According to another sources of information Luckau was a significant city at that time.

altA prosperous city, it became one of the capitals of Lower Lusatia in 1492. Luckau was probably established in the 12th century as a result of a process of the eastern colonization carried out by some merchants. The city was founded in the place of the old Slavonic castle dyke. The city owes its economic growth and development to its beneficial location - at the crossing point of several trade and military routes. The honourable title 'the Capital of Lower Lusatia' preserved in documents proves that at the end of the 15th century Luckau was a rich and very important city.alt The economic power supported by the results of the Lutheran Reformation lasted until the end of the 16th century. Some horrible events of the 17th century stopped the further development of the city. In 1604 the plague broke out in Luckau and it lasted until 1613. The Thirty Years' War broke out in 1618 and it destroyed Luckau worst out of all cities of Lower Lusatia. As a result of three big fires in 1644, 1652 and 1666 at the beginning of the second half of the 17th century the city was almost completely destroyed.



altThere are a plenty of reasons to visit Luckau but a city-stroll in the downtown is one of the major ones. The remained and affectionately restored old parts of the town surrounded by the city wall and the city ditch are monuments under protection. Visitors should also see such monuments as the town square with the Late-Romanesque chapel of St. George (until the 13th century it was the parish church of Luckau), the tower built in 1697 as well as decorated tenement houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, Napoleon House - a small guard house on top of the city wall, the ditch, the Red Tower and the Castle Mountain, which is probably the oldest settlement of Luckau. Nowadays there is a Schlosberg restaurant. The main monument is the Protestant parish church (St. Nikolai) (dating back to the 13th – 15th centuries) with a double steeple and valuable baroque organ.


Today about 6 thousand inhabitants live in this small city. You can find nature experience pure around Luckau. The still young nature park and the only a few kilometres away existing biosphere reservation Spreewald offer you a lot of opportunities for nature investigations. In 1997 Luckau was chosen to be the first place of German Federal Gardening Exhibition.alt Around the historic old parts of the town, at a place of about 12 hectares, from April until October multi-coloured world of plants and flowers was presented. The exhibition presenting gardeners and green spaces designers' achievements has become the festival of the whole city.


 The formal agreement of cooperation between partner towns Sława and Luckau (Germany) was signed on 16 November 1991.


Ranges of cooperation:

- municipalities cooperation in ranges of: management, sharing & exchanging organizational experience and practice, participation in municipal and regional festivals, cities advertising in a border zone, private meetings with both communities' family members;

- culture cooperation: musicians’ participation in culture events in Sława and Luckau, common performances, exhibitions and painting workshops;

- education cooperation: school exchanges, language camps;

- cooperation between the local units of Polish and German Pensioners’ Association: mutual contacts between the communities of both cities, common trips;

- Voluntary Fire Brigade cooperation: participation in fire sports events in Sława and Luckau, recreational meetings, sharing experience.


photo by Ewa Jodłowiec

 Official website of Luckau -

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